WHEREAS, Cressworth Caleb Lander had a long history of service to the City of Tucson, both as an employee and volunteer; and

WHEREAS, as the director of Model Cities at the City of Tucson, Cressworth C. Lander helped stabilize inner city neighborhoods, create economic development as a city function, and establish citizen participation and Equal Employment Opportunities programs; and

WHEREAS, due to his accomplishments with the Model Cities program, a chapter about Cressworth C. Lander was included in the book “A Little Noticed Revolution”; and

WHEREAS, in 1979, Cressworth C. Lander was recruited by the Carter Administration to serve as the managing director of the Civil Aeronautics Board; and

WHEREAS, Cressworth C. Lander served as the board chair of The Dunbar Coalition and raised approximately $2 million for the renovation of the Dunbar School; and

WHEREAS, Cressworth C. Lander directed the Dunbar School’s renovation which included upgrades including new sound equipment, security system, fire alarm, sprinkler system and meeting rooms, plus the establishment of a barber academy and dance academy; and

WHEREAS, Cressworth C. Lander served on many boards including Park Villa Casitas, Tucson Housing Foundation, Tucson Urban League, Pima Council on Aging and the African American Initiative; and

WHEREAS, the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce presented Cressworth C. Lander with the 2005 Founders Award, which was one of many awards he received;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of the City of Tucson, Arizona, do hereby proclaim March 17, 2015 to be


in this community, and encourage all our citizens to recognize his lengthy service and contributions to the City of Tucson.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Tucson, Arizona to be affixed this 17th day of March, 2015.

Below is a very short video of an interview with Cress, a great Tucsonian,  talking about his Dad, a Buffalo Soldier.