Constance Mwamba

Constance Mwamba

Constance Mwamba recipient of the 2016 “Trooper Clearance Jolivet” Scholarship.

Constance is one of three recipients of 2016 GSAAC Clearance Jolivet Scholarship. She attends Pueblo Magnet High School, and is graduating this May. All her three years in high she attended a small private school called San Miguel High, but transferred to Pueblo her last year. She was looking forward to new experiences and enjoy her time before graduating.


She is someone who possesses the ability to create close-knit relationships with teachers, staffs and everyone around her.
Although moving her senior year was hard on her with making new friends she overcame that because she’s very active and gets involved in many school activities. This was one of the reasons she was able excel in school and her languages skills opened other doors to which she didn’t think was possible. At Pueblo High School, Constance was rewarded as the Student of the quarter. She was also honored by the University of Arizona by placing in overall 1st in all of the Tucson Unified School District for Black History Month competition.


Constance will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall, majoring in nursing and languages then continue her education to get her PHD. She loves being around people and helping them everywhere she goes. She is the type of person that is full of energy also very active and never give up on herself or others around her. Every time she gets a chance to improve in anything she grabs the opportunity. Her motto is:


“We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”