The members of the Wally Lott Chapter the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association welcome you to the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers.


To instill pride in the minds and hearts of today’s youth. We believe in our youth and we believe that our representation of heroes from the past, like the Buffalo Soldiers, will serve to strengthen the values of our youth in the future. In turn, this allows us to help make our community a better place by providing scholarships, promoting unity, peace and respect for all.

Our chapter, through community service and outreach projects, will provide support/assistance in researching; interpreting; collecting, displaying and preserving historical artifacts and documents to educational, patriotic, and military service organizations.


The principles underlying the Greater Southern Arizona Area Chapter of the Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association are patriotic allegiance to the United States of America, fidelity to its constitution and laws and the promotion of world peace, and presenting a positive image of the outstanding historic contributions of African Americans.

The specific objectives of the Association shall be:

(1) To cement and strengthen the friendships and loyalties of all persons who have served, or are now serving, or may hereafter serve our country in time of peace or in time of war.

(2) To perpetuate, the memory of comrades who have passed on and the history of the many accomplishments of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry Regiments in the defense of our country.

(3) To stimulate patriotism in the minds of our youth by encouraging the study of the patriotic and military history of our nation.

(4) To assist all active chapters of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry, Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth Infantry Regiments, and to perpetuate and maintain the traditions, history and esprit de corps.

(5) To render faithful service to the nation, the community and comrades by setting an example of unselfish patriotism and service in the communities in which we live.

The Wally Lott Chapter 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association has been granted tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID # 80-0491516). Contributions to our organization are tax-deductible and help fund our scholarship programs and community projects. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to use the button below to submit your donation.